A7 Pro, Color: Green
A7 Pro, Color: Green

A7 Pro, Color: Green


The A7 PRO blends peak performance, supreme comfort, and classic style for an unparalleled riding experience. Features include:
- Thumb throttle that provides enhanced control and quicker response with a safer, more efficient brake-throttle separation, ideal for navigating busy streets. 
- Equipped with a responsive torque-sensing mid-motor, the A7 Pro offers swift, powerful ascents and quick starts, ideal for challenging terrains. 
- The torque sensor intelligently adjusts electric assist in real-time, ensuring efficient, controlled cycling. This precise modulation offers a smoother ride, conserving energy while enhancing rider safety and stability. 
- Sleek integration means a flawless aerospace-grade aluminum frame. In a step-thru style to make it as convenient as possible to mount and dismount your eBike. 
- Four-bar linkage suspension is an active suspension system that seamlessly blends mountain bike technology into urban cycling, enhancing comfort, safety, and providing a smoother ride by effectively absorbing shocks and reducing vibrations. 
- 9-gear shifty system that offers versatile shifting for optimal control in diverse riding conditions, complemented by a responsive pedal-assist system to tailor your ride perfectly. 
- Hydraulic disc brake that offers exceptional, lasting stopping power with minimal maintenance for safer, cost-effective riding. 

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