CellSnapp/CadiSnapp Bundle

CellSnapp/CadiSnapp Bundle


CadiSnapp! is a carrying cadi for multiple phones. CellSnapp! is a dual phone solution which uses a magnet to connect both of your mobile phones together. If you use CellSnapp! for your phones; CadiSnapp! has an adaptable section that can be removed to specifically house multiple phones connected with CellSnapp! magnets. If you don't use CadiSnapp! as your multiple phone solution, this is an invitation to join the community. 

  • Designed with a revolutionary Velcro replaceable 'U' section center divider for CellSnap! Users. If you use CellSnap!, simply remove the divider. If you don't, then leave the divider in place

  • Cadisnapp! A dual phone carrying cadi that offers versatile wearing options for any situation. Easily attach it to your gear using the carabiner hook, metal clip, or simply slip it onto your belt.

  • The markets only available solution for the use of multiple phones daily. The combination of CellSnapp! magnets and the carrying capacity of the Cadisnapp! cadi, makes holding and using multiple phones quick, convenient and efficient.
  • Be aware of our bundle offer for "The Trifecta" - Cellsnapp!, CarSnapp!, and CadiSnapp! available together in a single bundle. BEST VALUE OFFER!


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